What Is Water Jet Cutting And How It’s Work?

water jet cutting
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Hello friends, I am back with a new amazing topic water jet cutting. In this post, I’ll tell you about waterjet cutting and its uses. So if you are fond of learning new things then read this post completely.

What Is Water Jet Cutting?

It is a method of engineering for cutting the hardest objects with the help of high speed, high density, and ultra-high pressure water energy. The pressure of water in this method is retained at 392 MPa (approximately 4000 atmospheres).

How Does Water Jet Cutting Work?

In waterjet cutting, the water is projected from a small-bore nozzle approx. 00.1 mm towards the object. This water is projected from a small bore with high pressure. The pressure is so high so he cut almost everything like rock and even diamond also. If someone brings their body part between this water jet then the water jet cut that body part very easily.

Why Do People Use This Technology?

People use waterjet cutting for cutting the hardest things like rocks, diamonds, and other objects.


Here I’ll tell you the features of why this technique is so popular. So check the given features.

  • No Heat Effect: As we know that when we cut anything then there is a fraction during cutting. The result is a huge amount of heat is produced. Water jet technology is the best alternative for this problem. There is no effect of heat in water jet technology.
  • No limit to cutting objects: with this technology, you can cut almost everything which is difficult to cut.
  • Cutting with perfection: With waterjet cutting, you can cut any object with perfection and in a fast way.
  • Echo friendly: The best thing about water jet technology is it is echo friendly. This means there are no harmful effects on the environment. In this technology, people use water and sand for cutting.

Water Jet Cutting Type

Here I tell you some waterjet cutting types so that you can choose the best technique for cutting the objects. There are two different types of water jet cutting.

Pure Water Jet

With pure waterjet cutting, you can cut materials like rubber, foam, foods, and cloth.

Abrasive Jet Cutting

With abrasive jet cutting, you can cut carbon fiber reinforced resin, titanium, stainless steel, and glass.

At The Bottom

This is all in water jet technology. I hope you like this post and this post becomes informative to you. Share this post and follow my blog if you did not follow my blog yet. You can also type water jet cutting near me for getting water jet cutting service.

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