What Is Twitter Blue And How To Setup Its Features?

twitter blue
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After twitter take over Elon Musk do many changes into Twitter. He fired many employees and add some new features into Twitter. According to Elon Musk, now you can do more things on your twitter account. One of new features is twitter blue check. In this blog, I’ll tell you all about twitter new feature twitter blue.

Hello there, this is Akhlesh Chandra Thaledi, the owner of akblog360.com/. I hope you all are doing well. So as we know today’s era is a era of technology and everyday there is a new invitation is doing in the world. Twitter blue is also a new invitation, so let get started with the introduction of twitter blue.

What Is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service launched by Twitter in June 2021. The service offers users exclusive features and perks for a monthly fee, such as the ability to undo tweets, bookmark folders, and a reader mode for easier reading of long-form content.

What Are The Features Of Twitter Blue?

Here I give the features of twitter new feature in details, please check them.

Undo tweets: This feature allows users to set a timer of up to 30 seconds after tweeting, during which they can undo the tweet if they change their mind or spot an error.

Bookmark folders: It provides the features to organize the bookmarks into folders so that user can easier access and management.

Reader mode: This feature provides a more streamlined and distraction-free reading experience for long-form content, such as articles and threads.

Other benefits of Twitter Blue include access to exclusive subscriber-only content and customer support, as well as customizable app icons and color themes. The subscription fee varies by region, with prices starting at $2.99 USD per month.

When Twitter Blue Start?

This feature of twitter starts from 12 December 2022.

Price And Why It Needed?

Now you have a question to your mind is what is the price of this features and why it is created. So if we talk about the price of this feature then then you need to pay 650Rs on web and 900Rs on mobile device monthly. And if you want to pay for yearly then you should pay 6800Rs and with this price the cost of this feature will be 566.67Rs per month. Means in yearly bill, you will get some concession.

Now our second question is come to our mind is why it is needed? Then the answer is this blue tick provide a surety of a genuine account identity.


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