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Hello there, if you are fond of trending news then this is one of the best place for you. Here I’ll tell you the latest news of different field. Today, I’ll tell you three trending topic so read the full article and get the best knowledge around the world.

Best Trending News

Rahul Shahu

Nowadays, Rahul is on trending. He is 11 years old child from Chhattisgarh. He is saved by doctors after 104 hours operation. There are about 500 staff in Rahul’s rescue operation. Let us tell you that Rahul has fallen into 60 feet deep borewell on Friday.

A 70 feet pitcher was dug parallel to the borewell to get it out and then a 15 feet tunnel was also made to connect to the borewell.

The state CM keeping eyes on the whole rescue operation. He was rescued on Tuesday night. Rahul was sent to the hospital through green corridor.

Justin Bieber

Maybe there will be someone who doesn’t know Justin Bieber. He is one of the popular singer. Justin is very famous all over the world. Recently there has been news that Justin Bieber half face has become parallelized. Justin posted a post on social media about this news.

Bieber has won many Grammy Prizes. Apart from this, he also told that he is suffers from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Due to this problem, he postponed many tours. He saw his face on a video that he hardly move his half face. Bieber says to their fans that his body say to rest for some time.

Nainsi Crompton Brafi

Her story is very interesting. Nainsi Crompton is a very famous writer. She wrote a book “How to murder your husband”. The interesting thing is that she was arrested for the murder of her husband. She shoot her husband by gun.

The moto behind of this murder is to get the policy money. The trial of this case lasted for a week and finally on 25 May she was found guilty. Nainsi wrote many famous books like “The Wrong Lover” and “The Wrong Husband”. But  after writing “How to kill your husband” book she become more famous.


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