Do Live Chat To Anyone For Free Using Tinychat

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Tinychat – Video Chat Made Easy

Now technology made almost everything easy and simple. Nowadays, you can easily do a video call with your love one or family members. After coming WhatsApp people easily do video call. But in WhatsApp you can only do video call to those who number you have saved on your phone. But TinyChat you can easily do video call to any person, whether you know them or not.

In this video, I’ll tell you all about Tinychat so if you are willing to know more about this then read this article.

Tinychat is a free video chat service that allows users to have live video conversations with up to 12 people at once. With its easy-to-use interface and fun features, Tinychat has become a popular way for people to connect face-to-face online.

What Is Tinychat?

Tinychat is a web-based video chat platform that launched in 2009. It allows users to create or join video chat rooms for free without needing to register or sign up. Rooms can have up to 12 simultaneous video feeds thanks to Tinychat’s use of WebRTC technology.

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In a Tiny chat room, users can turn their webcam and microphone on to video chat with others live. There’s also a text chat feature to communicate. Rooms are public, so anyone with the room URL can join in. This makes Tiny chat great for meeting new people and joining group video chats.

Key Features and Benefits of Tinychat

Here are some of the main features and benefits of using Tinychat for video chat:

No Account Needed

One of the biggest advantages of Tinychat is that no registration or account is required. Users can instantly join a video chat room by going to the URL. This makes it easy for anyone to use Tiny chat without needing to set up a user profile.

Public Chat Rooms

All Tinychat rooms are public, meaning the room URL can be shared and anyone can join. This creates an open and random video chatting experience where you can meet new people from around the world.

Up to 12 Webcam Feeds

Tinychat uses WebRTC technology to support up to 12 simultaneous webcam feeds in a room. This allows groups of friends or families to video chat together. Most other video chat services max out at 4-6 feeds.

Virtual Backgrounds & AR Effects

To make video chatting more fun, Tiny chat offers virtual backgrounds and AR effects like masks, hats, and filters. This allows users to customize their video feed.

Text Chat During Video Call

In addition to live video and audio chatting, Tiny chat rooms have an integrated text chat. This allows users to type messages and communicate when they don’t want to speak out loud.

Screen Sharing

Users can share their desktop screen or a window for presentations, watching videos, and more. This makes it useful for business meetings and webinars.

Live Streaming

Room creators can live stream a chat room using RTMP technology. This broadcasts the video call to other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Mobile Apps

Tinychat has free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This allows users to join rooms and chat no matter where they are.

How to Use Tinychat?

Using Tiny chat is simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to

Open any web browser and go to the Tiny chat website. On the homepage, you can browse active public chat rooms to join.

Step 2: Create a Room (Optional)

If you want to host your own video chat, click “Start Your Own Room” on the Tinychat homepage. You’ll be prompted to give the room a title and URL name.

Step 3: Turn on Camera & Mic

Once in a chat room, click the camera icon to enable your webcam. You’ll be asked to allow permission to access your camera and mic. Click “Allow” to start broadcasting your live video feed.

Step 4: Chat Away!

Start chatting by speaking or using the text chat box on the right. Share the room URL with friends to invite them to join the video conversation.

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Use the options menu to change your camera, add virtual backgrounds, enable screen sharing, and more. Have fun meeting new people and chatting the day away on Tiny chat!

Step 5: Leave the Room

When you’re ready to leave, simply close the chat tab in your browser. If you created a room, you can delete it or keep it running for others to keep chatting in.

Tips for Using Tiny chat

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of Tiny chat:

  • Give your room a descriptive name so people know what it’s about before joining.
  • Customize your video feed with fun virtual backgrounds to show off your personality.
  • Be respectful to others in video chat rooms – racist, sexist, or abusive behavior will result in being banned.
  • Mute your mic when not speaking to avoid extra background noise.
  • Adjust the webcam video quality in settings for optimal streaming.
  • Share interesting Tinychat rooms on social media to help them grow.
  • Visit the “Trending Rooms” section to join popular chat rooms.
  • Try out Tinychat on your phone if you want to video chat on the go.

These are some best tips to use tiny chat.


Tinychat provides a simple yet powerful video chatting platform that connects people face-to-face over the web. With its easy setup and fun features like virtual backgrounds and AR effects, Tiny chat makes video chatting enjoyable.

The public room feature allows you to instantly meet new people, join group chats, or broadcast to larger audiences using live streaming. Tinychat works great on both desktop and mobile devices.

So, if you’re looking for a free video chat service without the need to register, download Tiny chat now! Video chatting with friends, family, colleagues, or random strangers has never been easier.

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