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Tarek Fatah
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Hello there, welcome to my new blog post the great personality. In this category I tell you about some famous and great personality. In today’s post we are talking about Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author.

Although he is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author but except this he is so popular in India. He remains in controversies due to his Muslim against talking and thinking.  In this post, we tell you a lot of things about Tarek Fatah.

Who Is Tarek Fatah?

As I told you that he is a Pakistani-Canadian by nationality but according to Tarek, he is a Indian who belong to the Punjab (India). His ancestors went to Pakistan during the partition of India. He was born in Pakistan and now he has a Canadian citizenship. I just want to tell you he is banned in Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah was born on 20 November 1949 in Pakistan. He was arrested in Pakistan twice and then he left Pakistan and settled in Saudi Arabia and then in 1987 he settled in Canada.


Tarek’s wife name is Nargis Fatah who is a Canadian women. He has two children Natasha Fatah and Nazia Fatah.

TV Show

You have also seen his show “Fateh Ka Fatwa” on Zee News channel. It is a very popular show in his show he talks about the reality about the Muslim. The aim of this TV serial is increase social awareness. In his show he debates with the person and give his own views on their thinks.


This is all about Tarek Fatah and their life. I hope you like this post. If you want to know more about this post then subscribe my blog. In my view you must visit Fateh Ka Fatwa. He is a brilliant and great person personality.

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