Ultimate Guide For Search Intent [2023]

search intent
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Search Intent

SEO is a way to increase traffic of your site. For this you need to optimize your site content. You can optimize your site content through keywords. But for this you should know how to do keyword research for you site. But for this, you may also know about search intent.

In this post, I’ll tell you all about search intent like what is it and what are the types of this. Apart from this, I will also tell you how to optimize your content for search intent.

What Is Search Intent?

Search intent is a term that is used to describe the purpose of the online search. You can say also that search intent mean what kind of query a user search online on search engines like Google or Bing.

Types of Search Intent

If we talk about its kind or types then there are four types of this, which are given below.

Informational Intent

Let’s start with the first query intent which is informational intent. Nowadays, most of the searched on the internet is only for gathering information. Although it could be about the weather information or about education, or about SEO related information. In such searches people has some intent to knowing information about certain topic.

For example; what is SEO? With this query, the intent of the user is only known about the SEO or you can say what SEO is? So the search engine only shows that site only which has the right information about SEO and its types.

Navigational Intent

It is the second type of search intent. The purpose of navigational intent is to show the specific site to the users. For example; if you are searching the best social media sites then the search engine shows a list of specific sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Second example: if someone search the best SEO tools then search engines show some specific sites on the top ranked like smallseotools or smallseo.tools.

Transactional Intent

This is the third type of keyword intent. In this intent those people comes who take action immediately. For example; most of the people buy online products like clothes and electronic objects like mobile etc.

In this intent people already know about the product and from where they get at best price. Like if you want to purchase a mobile then you should go for the Flipkart or Amazon.

Commercial Intent

This is the last search intent type in which people wants to buy something but not right now.  In such case they are looking for the best options and searches regarding that like which is the best smart phone under 10000 rupees.


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