Best Tricks To Rank Your Keyword Without Any Link Building

rank your keyword without any link building
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Are you a digital marketer or want to rank your keyword? As we know that how link building is important for our website. For ranking any site, this is very important that we do a proper on-page and off-page. Both are important parts of SEO. In this post, I’ll tell you how you can rank your keyword without any link building.

That means you don’t need to make any backlinks for your website. Off-page is a time-consuming process that takes time. But what if you have no sufficient time for making backlinks? If you have no time for making backlinks then read this post.

Here, I give some best tips for ranking your site without making any backlinks. For this, you need to follow some simple points that we give in this post.

How To Rank Your Keyword Without Any Link Building?

So are you ready to learn how to rank your keyword without any link building? What are you waiting for check the given important points which are given below.

Choose Long Tail Keywords

We know, how important is keyword for a post or article. You can say it is the first step for ranking your site. If you choose the right keyword then are more chances to rank your website. As a digital marketer for ranking your site you should focus on long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords.

The long tail keyword is easy to rank. You can target more than one keyword with the help of a long tail keyword. So next time when you write any content for your site then choose a long tail keyword.

For example, if You want to write an article on dog breeds then you have to choose best dog breeds for rather than best dog breeds, dog breeds. The benefit of choosing “the best dog breeds for” is people search many quarries related to this keyword. People search for the best dog breeds for the first-time owner, and the best dog breeds for families.

In both queries, our choosing keyword is common so that the raking chances are more.

So if you choose long-tail keywords then there are chances to rank your keyword without any link building.

Web Mentions And Citations

Web mentions are one of the best ways to rank your keyword if you don’t want to make any link or you don’t have sufficient time. In a web mention, you need to insert or write such sentences so that people search your blog or website by themselves on search engines.

For example, you wrote a post WhatsApp status for friends or lover and now you want web mentions for this post. For this, you have to tell the audience that if you want to check the best WhatsApp status then go to your search engine and type “best WhatsApp status by akblog360”. By doing this when anyone types this query on a search engine like Google then the first link that appears in the Google search result is your post page.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the easiest ways to rank your keyword without any link building. Internal link means linking your own website pages with your other pages.

The benefit of internal linking is visitors of your site are not going outside from your site.

For example, you are writing a post on digital marketing in which you tell about digital marketing. In that post, we insert some keywords related to digital marketing like types of digital marketing and the best way to rank your site. And on these keywords, we give our site’s post link. This is known as internal linking.

Note: During inserting internal linking please be sure the link that you have given in the post is related to that post.

Try To Get Customers’ Reviews

Getting customers’ reviews is just like web mentions and helps to rank your keyword without any link building. For this try to get customers’ reviews about your site or post. It helps to make a connection with your visitors. Apart from this, it helps to create trust and increase your site DA also.

Making Videos Related To Customers’ Issues

Last but not the least, making videos related to the customers’ issues. It helps to increase traffic on your site. And for this, you don’t need to make any backlinks. Insert your website link on your video or give in your description. So, this is one more tip or trick to rank your keyword without any link building.

At The Bottom

These are the best tips for rank your keyword without any link building. If you need any help or query then feel free to contact me anytime. You can WhatsApp me at +91-9997485163.

If you need a post on any topic then you can message me. I will try my best so that you can get the best information.

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