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Best Tips On How To Rank On Google First Page [2023]

rank on google first page
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How To Rank On Google First Page?

As we know that digital marketing is a field which is growing rapidly nowadays. But in digital marketing it is very important to rank on google especially on first page. Means your website ranking is very important for you because most of the people click only on first three links. Here in this post, I’ll tell you best tips on how to rank on google first page with easy steps.

So, if you also want to rank your website on google first page then read this post. I’ll sure about this if you follow the steps that I’ll tell you in this post then you will definitely Rank 1 in google.

Important Points To Check

Before starting or implement these tips please check few things about your site.

Is Your Website Getting Indexed

First, you need to check that is your website getting indexed or not. Because if there is any indexed issues then your site or post will not indexed. The result is your site will not rank on search result.

Is Your Website Is Mobile Friendly Or Not

For rank on google first page it is mediatory that your site should be mobile friendly.

Check Your Website Loading Time

Loading time is also play an important role in rank on Google pagerank. If you want to rank on google first page then your site loading time should be decent or fast. Here we give some range please check and know what is the speed of your site.

0 to 49 – Poor,  50 to 89 – Need Improvement, 90 to 100 – Good

Check Website Health

If your site on WordPress then you have seen site health option when you open your site dashboard. For rank on google first page or getting SEO ranking your site health should be good.

If your site passes these points then there are many chances to get google first page ranking.

Best Tips To Rank Your Site On Google First Page

Please follow the given tips to rank on google search result first page.

Use Easy To Rank Keyword To Rank On Google First Page

The first and essentials part for ranking your site on google is doing best keyword research. Keyword research is an very important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you don’t know how to do keyword research then don’t worry you can check how to do keyword research for your site. In this post, you will get all the details for doing keyword research.

Use Longtail Keyword

For getting fast ranking on google 1 page use longtail keyword as focus or main keyword. I also wrote an article on what is a keyword and how to select best keyword. You can check those articles from my blog.

Focus On User’s Search Intent

User’s search intent is very important for google ranking. Because if you write any article with user’s search intent then there are more chances to get rank on google search result or SERP. SERP stands for search engine result page.

Publish High Quality Content

Remember one thing if your site has good speed or a good UI and a huge number of links but if there is no quality content in your site then your site will never be ranked on search engine result page. Don’t forget that “Content is always king”. If you have a quality content then your site rank automatically with simple efforts.

Optimize Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet plays an very important role in google ranking. So. It is very necessary that your post rich snippet is catchy and attractive. People who do not know what is rich snippet, I just want to tell those that rich snippet is show in Search engine page result also known as SERP. It is a combination of URL, post title, and meta description.

When you search anything on search engine like Google then it is show on google search result page in the same structure as I told you.

Proper SEO (On-Page and Off-Page)

The last tips for rank on google first page is doing proper SEO. SEO refers Search Engine Optimization and there are mainly two types of SEO. One is On-Page SEO and second is Off-Page SEO. Except there is also one more SEO type which is technical SEO. I also wrote a post about what is SEO in which I describe SEO in details. You can check my post if you want to know more about SEO.

At the Bottom

This is all about on how to rank on google first page. If you want to know more about digital marketing strategies then you can follow my blog. If you need any topic on which you want to know then let me know. I’ll try to explain it on my next article.

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