Free Services Of Petrol Pump That You Don’t Know

petrol pump free services
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Hello everyone, welcome to Today we have a new and amazing article petrol pump free services for you that you can get from any petrol pump. All of us go to petrol pump many times for refueling our vehicle but do you know that there are some free services that you can get from any petrol pump in India. All these services are free and no petrol pump owner can convince you for this.

Yes, there are some services that you can get from any petrol pump. Today in this post, we will tell you what are the services that you can get free from any petrol pump.

List Of Petrol Pump Free Services

Here we give some services that are free at every petrol pump.

Free Phone Call

You can use a free phone call service from any petrol pump. But you can use this service only when you have an emergency. According to the Indian government law this service is available at every petrol pump service center. So next time if you are in emergency then don’t be panic and go to the nearest petrol pump and take this free phone call service.

First Aid Kit

First aid kit service is a necessary health service that are use in the case of any accident condition. If you are wounded in any accident or you see any wounded person near any petrol pump then you can get first aid kit service for free.

Free Drinking Water

We are know how much important is water for us. We need sufficient amount of water for our body. In the summer weather it is more important thing that we need. Do you know if you are thirsty then you can take water from any petrol pump. Almost every petrol pump have a water cooler for the needed people. So next time if you feeling thirsty then go to petrol pump rather than purchasing water bottle from any shop and save your water.

Free Air

This is also coming in petrol pump free services. When you go to petrol pump for fuel then if there are less air in your vehicle’s tires then you can get free air from petrol pump. Many petrol pump have post a notice on petrol pump like free air and please give no tips. But if you have a puncture in your vehicle tire then you have to pay for this.

Free Washroom Service

This is one of the best petrol pump free services which is very useful service. If you are travelling anywhere along or with your family and you have some stomach problem or want to washroom. Then you can use free washroom service at any petrol pump. Sometimes we travel with our family or small children and you know small children need washroom sometimes and we need to search public washroom which are not clean many times. So in such condition, you can use petrol pump washroom for free.

Filter paper

Filter paper is a paper that is use to check the quality of petrol. If you have any doubt of the quality of petrol then you can ask for a filter paper to the petrol pump members. If they say no to give the filter paper then you can complain against the petrol pump workers.


These are some petrol pump free services that you can get from any petrol pump center in India. I hope you like this information. Please comments us how much services that you know before reading this article. We are happy to see your comments so please comments and we will reply to your comments within 24 hours. If you like this article then share this and follow my blog for such important topics.

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