How To Make A Family Tree On Kulvriksh?

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How To Make A Family Tree On Kulvriksh?

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. If you also love to your family and want to make your family tree then this post is only for you. In this post I will tell you how to make a family tree on Kulvriksh. If you don’t know what is Kulvriksh then please read my blog post on Kulvriksh and know all the information about Kulvriksh.

It is the first Indian genealogy program in which you can make a family tree, find your ancestors and get more information about your family. It is very beneficial program for those who want to where they are coming from. Kulvriksh is very helpful to know about your roots.

Without wasting any time let’s Get It Started today’s topic.

System Requirement For Using Kulvriksh

For using Kulvriksh genealogy program you just need an internet connection and a system only.

Simple Steps To Make A Family Tree On Kulvriksh Genealogy Program

Making of a tree on Kulvriksh is very simple and easy. In this genealogy program, you can easily make a family tree. Please follow the given instructions to draw a family tree.

Kulvriksh home page

  • Then login into Kulvriksh through your Gmail or Google account from which you want.

Kulvriksh login page

  • After this click on the family tree given in the menu or click on create new family.

create family tree

  • A new popup window will appear on your computer screen. Name your family tree and fill all the required information like your first name, surname, your father and your mother’s name and click on the create family button.

add information

  • Your simple family tree will be created.

kulvriksh family tree

Now you can easily add members on your family tree. The more information you inserted in your family tree, your tree will be big.


This is how you can make a family tree on Kulvriksh. I hope now you will get all the information about making Kulvriksh family tree. So what are you waiting for go and make your own family tree on Kulvriksh. If you love this post then share this with others.

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