What Is Longtail Keyword And How To Search Longtail Keyword?

longtail keyword
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Hello there welcome to the new post “longtail keyword”. As we discussed in our previous articles or as we know that how keyword plays an important role in SEO. Apart from this, we also know how many types of keywords are there in SEO.

In this post, I will tell you about longtail keywords and how they are beneficial to us. So if you also want to be ranked on Google’s first page then read this post. So let’s start today’s topic.

What Is Longtail Keyword?

Basically, a keyword is a query asked by the user. It could be a single word or multiple words. If we talk about what is long tail keyword then a keyword with more than 4 words is known as long-tail keyword. Long tail keywords are very beneficial for website ranking because long-tail keyword SEO is easy.

If you don’t know what is the difference between short tail keyword and long tail keyword then you must check short tail keyword vs long tail keyword. Here I will tell you how the longtail keyword is beneficial in website ranking. Apart from this, I will give you long-tail keyword examples also.

Long Tail Keyword Benefits

If you don’t know why people use long tail keyword then don’t worry I will tell you what the benefits of using long tail keyword is. Some of the benefits of using long tail keywords are given below please check them.

Easy To Rank

Long tail keywords are easy to rank. This means you can easily rank on search engines like Google or Bing if you use long tail keywords. That’s the main reason people use long-tail keywords for their websites or blog.

Low Difficulty

Longtail keywords have low difficulty that’s the reason people who use long tail keywords are ranked easily. If you don’t know what is keyword difficulty then I just want to tell you that it is a number between 1-100 given by Google or Moz. A larger number means more difficulty. Let’s understand this with an example: Suppose you are doing keyword research for your website and you see keywords whose difficulty is 90 and 15. It means you have to work hard with the keyword whose difficulty is 90 rather than the keyword whose difficulty is 15 for rank.

How To Choose Long Tail Keyword?

Now you understand what is a keyword, what is longtail keyword, and what are the benefits of choosing long tail keywords. Now it times to know how to choose long tail keyword. You can do long tail keyword research by long tail keyword tool or long tail keyword finder.

Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool Free

You can use the free longtail keyword finder tool for searching the best keyword for your website. Here we give some free keyword research tools, please check them.


Google is one of the biggest search engines all over the world. Apart from this, you can also use this for searching keywords for your website. Here I will tell you how you can do keyword research for your site.

For searching keywords using Google first go to your system and open google. Then type your keyword and hit the enter button. You will see a lot of different keywords related to your keyword. From there you can easily choose your keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

The second most important free keyword research tool is Google keyword planner. It is a tool powered by Google and it is absolutely free.

Keyword Everywhere

The keyword is also a free keyword research tool. You can search your keyword and then select keyword length yourself by using filters.

Small SEO Tools

You can also use smallseotools.com or smallseo.tools for searching your longtail keywords.


The most important and free tool is powered by Neil Patel. Neil Patel is a successful blogger and got many awards. Ubersuggest also provides the facilities for searching long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool Paid

In the above paragraphs, you will learn about the free longtail keyword research tools. Now I tell you about the paid tools by using them you can also get long tail keywords and get fast ranking.

A hrefs

An A hrefs is one of the most powerful and favorite paid keyword research tools. This is used by most of the bloggers and SEO executives (Search Engine Optimization Executives). You can set the difficulty and volume of your keywords.


After a hrefs, SEMRUSH is one of the most powerful keyword research tools. You can use it for your keyword research.

Answer The Public

Answer the public is also a good keyword research tool.


You can use Wordtracker for searching keywords for your site. It is paid to use.


This is all in longtail keyword. If you need any query then WhatsApp me at 9997485163. Follow my blog, for knowing more interesting topics like this.

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