Best Tricks To Write A Topic To Ranked In Google

how to write a topic
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How To Write A Topic?

Welcome everyone to my blog Today I am telling you a trending and amazing topic that is how to write a topic. So, if you also want to make a career in content writing or want to write a content then check this post.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to write a topic as professionals. Apart from this, I’ll also tell you what mistakes a beginners do in writing a content.

As we know that people earning a lot of money through content writing. They do freelance for the company or for the people. You can also start your own blog and start earning from your home.

Steps For Writing A Content As Professional

Please check the given points on how to write a topic as professionals.

Keyword Research

A keyword plays very important role in content writing. All the content is about the keyword that you select to write so it is very important that you select the right keyword. Many persons doing this mistake and pick any keyword because they don’t ideas about keyword research.

They think they have good written skills and good knowledge about the topic. But they are wrong somewhere. Both are necessary for writing a content but at last I must say that if they choose wrong keyword then there is no meaning of both.

Whether he has amazing knowledge and written skill but with this he has knowledge how to choose a keyword. If you choose the right keyword then your website or blog can be ranked on search engine. So, the first step to write a content is choosing a right keyword for you.

There are paid and free both tools are available for keyword research. Here I give some paid and free keyword research tool that you can use for keyword researching.

Free Tools for Keyword Research

Paid Keyword Research Tools


After doing keyword research the second step is making a catchy and unique title. Title also plays an important role. It decides that people click on your link or not so make your title catchy and clear. You can use power words like best and easy words or number in your title. For example: best way to write a content or step by step guide on how to write a content.


A content is the king of any article. So, make sure your content should be unique and proper structured. For checking your content uniqueness, you can use and check your content plagiarism. It is free of cost and you will get a lot of amazing features with this.

Apart from this, the content length also plays an important role in ranking. Content length also performs an important role in ranking your post. Try to keep your content length between 300 – 2500 words. Start your content with the intro and then keep points.

Keyword Placing

Keyword placing effects in google ranking. Keep your keyword on such places where they can create more effect. For example, put your keyword on title, headings, and in starting 10 percent content. Don’t forget about keyword density and frequency. Both are very important in content writing.


There are 6 different types of heading for writing a content which are H1, H2…H6. These headings are use according to the topic. Headings are use for structuring the content so that it shows a clear understanding to the reader.

Use H1 at the top and then use H2, H3 and other headings according to the data. Don’t use H3 at the top and then H2 or H1. It will show unstructured form of data.

Paragraphs And Sentences

Use small paragraphs. You should use small paragraphs. According to the SEO rules you should use 250 characters in a paragraph. Apart from this, sentences also should be small. Don’t use lengthy sentences they are not good in reading. Use maximum 20 words in a sentence.


Links are important for any content. Remember whenever you write a content insert at least one internal or one external link. Internal links means any links of your website or external link means a links of other side as a referral.

At The Bottom

When you wrote you content then don’t forget to give a conclusion about the content. In conclusion you can tell a short description what you describe in the content. You can also use a FAQ section at the last of your content.


This is how you can simply write a topic as professionals. If you follow the given instruction that I tell you in this article so there are more chances to get ranked in search result. For any suggestion or question you can contact me. You can also WhatsApp me at my number 9997485163.

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