Right Way To Upload Video On YouTube

How To Upload Video On YouTube
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How To Upload Video On YouTube?

Hello there, do you have a YouTube channel but not much views on your video. Do you want to increase views or subscribers on your channel then this blog post is only for you. In this post, I’ll explain to you how to upload video on YouTube.

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I bet you if you follow the given steps that I will tell you in this post then you will get a better result.

In this post, I will tell you the right way to upload vides on YouTube. So, if you want to increase view on your YouTube videos then read this post.

Steps To Upload Video In YouTube

Please follow the given steps one by one and increase your channel views quickly and easily.

  1. If you want to ranked your YouTube video then first you have a good topic. And the second thing is you need to do proper SEO of your video. If you don’t know how to do SEO then don’t worry here, I’ll tell you how to do this.
  2. To get your topic title, open a new tab in your browser and open YouTube.com. After this, type your keyword. As you type your keyword you will get some title related to your keyword.
  3. Put all these keywords on a notepad or MS file. You can make your title with these keywords.
  4. Next step is writing a description for your YouTube video. For writing a best description, first put your title first and then write some sentences related to your video. At last, put all the keyword under your queries one by one.
  5. The next step is choosing a category. Keep in mind that you need to choose your category wisely.
  6. Then put some hashtags that related to your video.
  7. Keep in mind first put small hashtags or keywords first then use long tail keywords.
  8. After this, se your video as public.
  9. Once you all of this then you can click on upload button.

Note: Make a custom banner that looks attractive. A banner also a main reason whether user click on your video or not. So, make sure your banner should be attractive. For making a banner you can use canva.com or crello.com or photoshop.

Important Settings For YouTube Channel

In the above paragraph, you learned how to upload video on YouTube. Now, I will tell you some important settings that is essential for your channel. Please check them.

  1. First, open studio.youtube.com on your browser like chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Go to setting and set your location.
  3. Go to feature eligibility and enable all features. You will get three options there. To enable these features, you need to verify your YouTube channel by your number. The benefit to verify these features is you can post more than 15 minutes video and do live streaming. The best benefit to enable these setting is you can upload your custom thumbnail.
  4. After this, open YouTube in private window or incognito mode and search your Channel name. If your YouTube name is visible in searching list then its ok otherwise you need to change your channel name.
  5. Apart from this, go to channel setting and put your keywords for what you want to rank your channel.
  6. A logo and a banner play very important part to rank your YouTube channel. So, upload your channel logo and banner. Make your banner or logo attractive and fresh.

All these settings, you need to do for your YouTube channel. After doing this setting, you will get more views on your channel videos.

Tricks To Rank Your YouTube Channel Videos

Till now, I told you how to upload video on YouTube and main settings of YouTube channel. Now, I’ll tell you some tricks for ranking your videos. So, without wasting any time let’s check the tricks.

  1. After uploading your video, the first work that you need to do is open YouTube in private window.
  2. Search your keyword and check whether your video is coming in searching or not. If yes then don’t worry but if it is not visible then you need to modify its title or description.
  3. Third step is open your YouTube video using all ids that you have.
  4. View your full video and hit the like button. By doing so it create a signal to the YouTube that how your video is performing.
  5. The last step is sharing your video on social media as much as you can.

These are some tricks that you can use to rank your YouTube video.


In conclusion, in this post you learned how to upload video on YouTube, channels important settings. And some tricks that will help you to rank your YouTube videos.

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