How To Optimize Images For WordPress?

how to optimize images for wordpress
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Images play a very important role in an article or post. It can be helpful in search engine ranking like Google SERP. But sometimes it could be happen opposite. Means some time you losses your Google ranking due to images. Socked ??? But I am talking right. Your website can lose search engine ranking due to images just because you don’t use optimize images in your blog post. So in this post, I’ll tell you how to optimize images for WordPress and Blogger site.

Best Tips On How To Optimize Images For WordPress

When you use big size images on your site then your site takes too time for open. And this is the main reason that user bounce back from your site. The result is your site ranking going down. Here I give some tips for optimizing your site images so that your site page speed remains good. So if you are not using optimized images in your site then check the given points.

  1. Use Small size images
  2. Color clarity
  3. Image name
  4. Image description
  5. Alt text

These are some image SEO tips. Now discuss it in details.

Use Small Size Images

Images make a post attractive and understandable. So we use images in our posts but some people or blogger use large images in their post which has too big size. The result is slow speed of site. To overcome from this issue you need to choose such images whose size is small.

For reducing image size you can use online tools like smallseotools. This is one of the best website that provide a lot of amazing features. You should try this site once. I must said you love it.

You can use 100 to 200 kb images in your post but it’s good if your image size is small then 100kb. People use images more than 200 kb but those website contain high resolution images because they are specially images websites.

Color Clarity

If your post’s images are not clear or good then it not looks good. Or sometime people uses reduce images but after that the photos quality become poor. So keep in mind that you need to keep image size small but with clarity.

You can use different formats for images like JPEG, PNG, SVG and Webp. For this you can make WebP format. This format size is small and the image quality remains good.

Image Name

Image name also impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We just keep in mind that search engine’s bots like Google Crawlers doesn’t see the images. They can read only coding that’s why it is mandatory that we give the image name related to the post. So that bots can easily understand about the image.

Image Description

Image description is also an important for image optimization. As I told you in the above paragraph that search engine bots can’t see the images they only understand machine language. So it is good to give an image description.  Google bots doesn’t read the full description so that try to keep your main words in the starting of your image description.

Alt Text

Alt text is also very important in optimize image in your site. It is helpful when your image took long time to execute. Then in the place of your image you can see the alt text. In the other words, you can see the text is display in the place of your image is known as alt text. You can use alt text for both users and bots.


This is all in how to optimize images for WordPress and Blogger sites. You can contact me anytime if you need to write on any topic. I’ll try my best. Hit the bell icon for getting latest notification of my blog.

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