Best Tricks For Getting First Ranking On Google SERP

how to make attractive SERP
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SEO is used to rank your site on search result but it is not enough to show your site on Google. Apart from this, your SERP should be attractive and fresh so that people used to click on your link. So it is more important that your SERP must be attractive and unique from others. If you don’t know how to make attractive SERP then don’t worry. Today in this topic I will tell you a step by step guide for making appealing SERP.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is very important for getting ranked on search engine like Google. Your site SERP decides whether the users click on your site link or not.

If you have a website or doing work on any site and want to increase traffic an impression on your site then now today I will tell you how you can do this with simple step.

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SERP shows on search engines when you search anything on search engine like Google or Bing. SERP help you to boost traffic on your site.

How To Make An Attractive SERP?

SERP consists three things which are site’s URL, title, and meta description. By check all these things user can understand what is in the post or article. So it is more important that you have an attractive and clear understanding SERP so that people easily can understand what you want to say.

Here I give some tips for making attractive SERP please check them.

Make Attractive Title

Put Your Focus Keyword In The Title

For getting more hits put your focus keyword in your title and try to put your main keyword in the beginning of the title.

For example: How to make attractive SERP for getting more hits on your site. In this title, we use our focus keyword “how to make attractive SERP” in the beginning of the title. It give an clear understanding to the user and the bots what I want to say in this post.

Use Power Words In Your Title

For making an attractive SERP, you can also use a power word in your title. Power words like Best and Ultimate Guide. These words make your title attractive and different from others.

For example: Ultimate Guide for making an attractive SERP.

Use Positive Words In Your Title

Positive words make a title appealing and unique. Words like free and cheap attract more people for clicking on your link.

For example: How to make attractive SERP | Free Guide

Use Number And Symbols

Numbers and special characters make your title fresh and more catchy. So you can use number like 7 or 10 and special character like & in the space of and for making your title catchy. You can also use parentheses and brackets in your title.

For example: 5 Best ways for making appealing SERP in [2022]

Meta Description

Put your focus keyword in the Meta description. Your Meta description length should be under 165 char for avoiding truncate. You can put your main keyword twice in Meta description.


Your URL must be short and avoid stopping word if possible in the URL. Put your focus keyword in your post URL. Avoid putting number in URL if not necessary.

At The Bottom

These are some tips on how to make attractive SERP so that you can rank easily on the search engine like Google and Bing. If you need any query regarding SEO then please let me know. I will try my best and give you the best solution.

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