What Is BMI Meaning And How To Calculate BMI?

how to calculate BMI
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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog AK Blog 360. Today’s topic is how to calculate BMI? Here in this post, we will discuss about BMI and BMI calculation. So if you are interested in this topic then be with us.

What Is BMI Meaning?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a value that is derived from the person’s mass and height. BMI is calculated by the division of body mass with body height. The units calculated for BMI are kg/m2.

What Is The BMI Calculation Formula?

The formula for calculating BMI is:

BMI= Weight (kg)/Height of person (meter2)

Which BMI Is Overweight?

A BMI of 25 or more is an overweight BMI.

Healthy BMI

The 18.5 – 24.9 is a healthy BMI. You can use BMI for 18 to 65 years person.

Who Should Not Use A BMI Calculator?

Don’t use BMI for bodybuilders, athletes who run long distances, and pregnant women. This is because in this entire situation person has some extra weight or less weight. BMI is not used for growing children. They have less weight. You can calculate the exact calculation with BMI. So in this condition, BMI is not getting the correct result.


This is all about BMI. Now after reading this post you will get knowledge about what is BMI and how to calculate BMI. For your help, I give a FAQ section so that you get your answer quickly.

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#Q1. What is the correct BMI for my age?

Ans. You can check your BMI yourself. Here I give a table of BMI, check that table.
BMI table

#Q2. What is the formula to calculate BMI?

Ans. The formula to calculate BMI is to divide the weight by the height of the person.

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