Beat Google Core Updates By Following Simple Steps [2023]

How to beat Google Broad Core Updates

Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 02:57 pm

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How To Beat Google Broad Core Updates?

Hello readers, how are you? I hope you are doing well. I am Akhlesh Chandra Thaledi, the owner of this blog and today I am back with another interesting and important topic how to beat Google broad core updates.

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As we know that every year Google give some broad core updates that effects sites. If you have also a site or blog and your site is affected with Google broad core updates then this post is only for you.

In this post, I’ll explain to you some best tips on how to beat Google broad core updates. After reading this post, you have a very well information about how to save your site by Google core updates.

If you don’t know what is these Google broad core updates then don’t worry here I’ll tell you about this. Although, Google give a lot of updates every year but in a year Google do some major changes on its algo and these changes known as Google Broad core updates.

After these changes Google bots treat your site in different manner or you can say check your site on different points. And if your site passes these changes then there is no affect on your site but if your site fail on these points then your ranking is affected.

So this is what is Google broad core updates and now lets discuss how to prevent your site with these Google broad core updates.

Tips For How To Beat Google Broad Core Updates?

Here I give some killing tips by using them you can easily beat Google broad core updates. Please check them and check weather your site affected or not with these broad core updates.

Check Spellings And Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling are very important in our content and as we know content is always the king. And in such if your content has spellings and grammatical mistakes then it give a bad signal to the Google, because no one wants to read such content where grammatical mistakes exists.

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So if your content has spellings and grammatical mistakes then first correct them. If you don’t know how to check your content for spellings and grammatical mistakes then you can use Screaming frog tool to check them.

How To Use Screaming Frog?

Please follow the given instruction to use screaming frog.

  1. To use screaming frog first you need to install this on your system.
  2. Open it and go to configuration menu then choose content option.
  3. After this, click on spelling and grammar option.
  4. As you click on this, it will show you the spellings and grammar errors in your content.

Correct those errors and update your content.

Check Your Website Structure

The second step is checking the website structure. In simple words, you can understand this as checking internal linking. Means check your internal linking is corrected or not. If not then please do correct internal linking.

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For checking your site structure again you can use screaming frog software.

How To Check Website Structure Through Screaming Frog?

For checking your site structure through screaming frog. Here I will explain you how to use screaming frog for checking your website structure.

  1. First, open screaming frog on your computer/laptop.
  2. Go to visualization and choose force directory crawl diagram.
  3. It will show you the structure of your site.
  4. Here you can check your page link depth.

If you don’t know what is a page depth then ask me in the comment section. I will answer your question and if you know what is a page depth then tell me in the comment section which is good for our site high page depth or low page depth.


Next point that you need to check is TDC. It extends for title, description, and canonical. All these three things impact a lot on your site ranking. So if you want to rank your site then you must work on these three things.

Your title and description should be unique, catchy, and related to the topic. If you don’t know how to make an attractive title or SERP then you should read my post how to make an attractive SERP for Google ranking.

Apart from this, you should use proper canonical tag for every post. canonical tag is very useful for telling the Google which is the main contain.

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If you don’t know what is Canonical tag and why you should use canonical tag then you should know about this.

Bonus point: You should change in your site after Google broad core update.

At The Bottom

In this post, I explain you how to beat Google broad core updates by following some simple tips.

Please tell me in the comment section how would you like this post and is your site is affected by Google broad core update or not.

And if affected then what tactics you are applying to overcome with this issue.

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