What Is High Blood Pressure? | Cause And Solution

high blood pressure
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What Is High Blood Pressure?

In today’s busy life High Blood Pressure is a common disease. Almost every person in today suffering with this problem.

In today topic we will tell you what is blood pressure, its type, causes of BP and how can you prevent yourself with this problem. If you want to check your BP at home then you can do this at home.

Apart from this today, we have a FAQ on high BP in which you will get some important question related to BP. So let starts with what is BP. There is a process of flowing blood in our body and when blood flows in our body then it create a pressure on our vessels, it is known as BP. When we talk about BP then we want to tell you there are two types of BP. First is High Blood Pressure (HBP) and the other is Low Blood Pressure (LBP). Both High BP and low BP are not good for us.


This is about High BP. I hope after reading this post you will now what is High BP and Low BP. In akblog360.com you will get the best health tips and much more information which is useful to you. So follow my blog and learn something new everyday.

FAQ on High BP

Here we have some frequently asked on HBP that may be useful for you. So read all the question and answer regarding BP.

Question: What is High Blood Pressure?

Answer: High BP also known as hypertension. People say high BP is a silent killer. When our heart throw our blood to the rest body and the pressure of blood is too high against to the blood vessels that condition is known as High BP. High BP is a dangerous condition in which patient can be died with heart attack, kidney failure, vision loss, and other problems. In this condition, patient feels a lot of chest pain. When the reading of BP is 130-139mmHg, it is known as high BP.

Question: What is Low Blood Pressure?

Answer: When the reading of our BP is too low then it condition is known as low BP. Due to low BP, the patient falls unconscious. 80-189 mmHg is the low BP reading.

Question: What is the reading of minimum and maximum BP?

Answer: There are two types of reading of BP one is high BP and other is low BP. Both readings are different, normally person has 120/80mmHg (max/min).

Question: What are the Causes of High BP?

Answer: Actually, there are no exact reasons for high BP but there are so many reasons that are the causes of high BP. Some of the reasons of high BP are given below:
Lack of physical activity
Consume a large amount of salt
Alcohol consumption in a large amount
Age factor
Genetics problem
Sleep apnea/problem
These are the factors that causes of high BP.

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