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funny nicknames for girlfriends
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Cute And Funny Nicknames For Girlfriend Or Friend

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are doing well. Here I am back with another amazing article “funny nicknames for girlfriend or friend”. We have many friends in our life and some of them are our best friend. Some of our childhood friends and some are college friends.

We love to called them with their nicknames so everyone wants searched for the best nickname for his girlfriend or friend. Nicknames feel them special and show how we love them.

Friend is not a word it is a like a world with that we feel comfort. We share anything with our friends. Sometimes we treat our best friends just like our family members.

Here we have a list of nicknames for both friend and girlfriend. Check the list and choose the best cute funny nicknames for girlfriend.

Cute Funny Nicknames For Girlfriend

Please check the best nickname for your girlfriend.

  • Chipkali  (छिपकली)
  • Chudel  (चुड़ैल)
  • Nautankibaaz  (नौटंकीबाज़ )
  • Saruli  (सरूली)
  • Kharchelu  (खर्चेलू)
  • Kalvi  (कलवी)
  • Kamini  (कामिनी)
  • Moti  (मोटी)
  • Chasmis  (चसमिस)
  • Safedi  (सफेदी)
  • Chunmun  (चुनमुन)
  • Pencil  (पेंसिल)
  • Nagin  (नागिन)
  • Koyal  (कोयल)
  • Pagli  (पगली)
  • Kani  (कानी)
  • Baby  (बेबी)
  • Kutru  (कुटरू)
  • Paap ki pari  (पापा की परी)
  • Petu  (पेटू)
  • Ghumakkard  (घुमक्कड़)
  • Tubelight
  • Binbag  (बिनबेग)

Boys’ Funny Nicknames

Please check the best funny and cute nicknames for boyfriend.

  • Feku  (फेकू )
  • Motu  (मोटू)
  • Sumo  (सूमो )
  • Kalva  (कलवा )
  • Cyko  (शाइको)
  • Suvar  (सुवर )
  • Cylinder  (सिलिंडर )
  • Kana  (काना )
  • Bona  (बोना )
  • Sanki  (सनकी )
  • Rehtal  (रहतल)
  • Danu  (दानु)
  • Dana  (दाना )
  • Cheeta  (चीता )
  • Muli  (मूली )
  • Rambedi  (रामबेदी )
  • Tourist  (टूरिस्ट )
  • Kela  (केला )
  • Masuda  (मसूडा)
  • Padora  (पड़ोरा )
  • Fatebass ( फतेबास)

At The Bottom

These are some funny nicknames for friends. You can easily assign any name for your friends, boyfriend, and girlfriends. If you want more such interesting post or article then please follow my blog. You can also suggest me any topic for writing. I am trying my best to write on that topic.

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