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earn money with blogging
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Nowadays, blogging a field with is growing rapidly. A lot of people earn money with blogging. You can also start earning money with blogging. Yes, you can also earn but for this, you need to know something about blogging. If you are a beginner and learning how to earn money by blogging then read this post. Here I will tell you how to earn money with blogging for beginners.

There are some ways, from where you can earn money with blogging. Here I will tell you a step-by-step guide on how to earn money with blogging for beginners.

Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

Here I will tell you some ways from where you can earn money easily. So if you really want to Earn money by blogging then must read this post completely.

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelancing
  4. Flipping website
  5. Ads selling
  6. Guest post


The first way to earn money from blogging is through Ads. There are some platforms where you can easily earn money via ads. In this way, advertiser shows their ads and if anyone clicks on that ads then you will get some commissions for that.

If we talk about ad platforms then you can use Google Ads, Ezoic, and Sovrn. For showing ads on your site or blog first you need to take approval from these sites. The best and easy to get AdSense approval is through Google Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

The second way for earning money with blogging for beginners is affiliate marketing. The best platform for affiliate marketing is the Amazon affiliate program. You can easily apply for an amazon affiliate program.

For using the amazon affiliate program, you don’t need to pay anything. This means it is free of cost. The best thing about the amazon affiliate program is you need a platform or place where you can show your affiliate links so that people see your link and purchase different things via your affiliate links.

You can also use generate money through products review. In products review, you can also give your affiliate links and easily earn money.


Freelancing is one of the best ways for earning money from blogging. If you think about how to earn from freelancing then You can take projects from other people and do freelancing for them and earn money. By writing topics, making websites, and doing SEO for other person sites, you can start your freelancing.

Flipping Website

You can also earn money from flipping the website. Flipping a website means you can also earn money by websites selling. Once you have an AdSense-approved site or blog then you can sell that blog or site. People also buy those sites and blogs in which you have a lot of traffic.

Ads Selling

If you have sufficient traffic on your site or blog then you can also earn money by ads selling. This means you can sell your website ads places. There are some places in your site where you can show others ads and for that charges from others.

For example, I have two blogs (AK Blog 360 & AK Blog) in which I have Google AdSense approval and I show others ads on my blogs and charge 50 rupees for a month. But people charge up to 50$ for showing ads on their site. If you also want to show your ads on my blog then you can content me any time at 9997485163.

Guest Post

Guest post means you can offer another person to write on your blog and charge from them. A lot of people do guest posts on other websites. You can also do the same and charges according to you. Some people charge 50-100$ for a single guest post.


So this is all in earn money with blogging for beginners. If you read this post till now it means you like this post. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate this post. Rate this post and share it with your friends who want to earn money by blogging.

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