Learn All About Your Dog Behaviour With Dog Behaviour Training

dog behaviour training
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Dog Behaviour Training

Dogs are cute and loyal that’s why they are known as the best friend of humans. If someone has no friends then he can keep a dog as a pet. Dog have different behaviour. In this post, I’ll tell you about dog behaviour training so that you can understand what they want. There are so many different types of dog breads in the world. You can choose the best dog breed for yourself.

Dog behaviour training is necessary because dog can’t talk. They can only do some different behaviour to explain their thoughts. So that it is necessary that we understand what they want to say.

Sometimes they want to play with you but due to lack of understanding of dog behaviour we can’t understand their feelings.

7 Dog Behaviour Training

Here I’ll tell you seven dog behaviour training so that you can easily understand what your dog feeling.

Curled Up Position

curled up positionIf your dog lay in curled up position then it means your dog want to warm up their body. In this position you dog position look like Firefox browser. Dog lay in this position in open areas to protect their body parts and keep their body warm.

On The Back

on the backIn this situation dog lay on their back and their face towards roof. When dog feel confident then dog lay in this position. Apart from this, when dog feel heat then in such condition dog also do the same behaviour.

Cuddle Bag

cuddle bagIn such condition dog put their body with your body. Your dog wants their body temperature and want to need with you.

Superman Position

superman position- dog behaviour traningIn superman position dog lay with their chest and put their leg towards. If your dog lay with this position, it means it is napping not sleeping and if you called him then he is ready to play.

Side Sleeping

side sleeping- dog behaviour trainingThis condition is known as relax position. It means he trust on you and keep safe with you.

Lion Position

lion positionIn lion position your dog lay with their chest but their face curved or put their face on their leg. In such position your dog wants to relax.

Lay On Clothes

Lay On ClothesIf your dog lay on your cloths, it means your dog wants to live with you. Sometimes you also seen that your dog lay on your cloths so if you saw your dog with your cloths then understand that your dog wants to live you.


So, I hope now you understand your dog behaviour. I hope this dog behaviour training is beneficial to you. So if you love your dog then keep watching your dog behaviour so that you can understand what is your dog mind.

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