Know The Disadvantages of SEO In 2023

disadvantages of seo
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Hello there, welcome to my blog AK Blog 360. Today I am back with another important topic “disadvantages of SEO.” As a digital marketer we know the benefits of SEO. Apart from this, we also know that it is one of the important parts of digital marketing. But as we know that every thing has some benefits and disadvantages. The same thing is also applied on SEO.

Yes, there are some disadvantages of SEO that I’ll tell you in this article. So are you ready to know the bad thing about SEO. If yes then read this post completely.

Disadvantages of SEO

If you are thinking to make your career in digital marketing as SEO executive then you should know about these feedbacks of SEO. Till now we are aware about the benefits of SEO. Here I give some major and common disadvantages of search engine optimization, please check them.

Time Taken Process

The first feedback of doing SEO is it’s a long process. Search engine optimization is a time taken process and it needs approx. 3 to 6 months to show result. Sometimes it takes more than one year to show the result.

No Guarantee of Success

When you use search engine optimization for your site then there is no guarantee of success. And it is the second drawback of SEO. If you are not doing SEO in proper way then your site never be ranked on search engines like Google or Bing.

It Does Not Give Benefits In The Beginning

If you are using SEO for your site or business then remember one thing that it does not give any benefits in the beginning. As I told you in the above paragraph that it is a long term process that takes time to show result. If you want a quick result then you must go for the PPC. You can check the difference between PPC and SEO. And then choose which is better for you SEO vs PPC.

Ruin Your Business If Get Negative ROI

Search engine optimization (SEO) can ruin your all business if you get negative ROI. ROI stands for Return of Investment. Means how much you return after the investment on your business. You can easily get the ROI form SEO.

Need Up To Date

In SEO, you need to be updated. You need to update your site content continuously time to time. If you did not do this then your site may be de-ranked from search engine like Google and Bing. So, make sure your site content up to date.

Need To Be Audit Your Site

Using SEO make sure that your site does not has any spams link. Because if your site has much spam score then it is also not a good sign for your site. So, you need to audit your site time to time.

Apart from this, you need to also check your site speed, site UI and many more thing during audit. So, auditing your site is also compulsory time to time and it also take some time.


These are some disadvantages of SEO. I hope you like this article and now you are very well understanding about the minus points of SEO.

For such interesting and important topics please follow my blog. In my blog, all the information is free to learn so you can easily get it for free and can increase your knowledge.

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