Best WhatsApp Status For Friends And Lover [2022]

best whatsapp status for friends

Last updated on June 15th, 2022 at 10:12 am

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Best WhatsApp Status For Friends And Lover

Hello there, welcome to my blog akblog360. Today I am back with another interesting post “Best WhatsApp Status for Friends”. Nowadays, everyone is very well-known about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a very popular application that is liked by a lot of people.

You would also like this wonderful app. This application is used for connecting people all over the world. You can chat, call, and do video calls also with this application. Apart from this, you can send documents, photos, and videos also.

Today, in this post I’ll tell you the best WhatsApp Status for friends. These messages are useful for those people who want to express their feeling with WhatsApp status. You can also use the best WhatsApp status for lover.

If you also want to express your feeling in a unique way then read this post. Here you will get amazing and unique WhatsApp messages and statuses.

Best Attitude WhatsApp Status For Friend

  • If you think you are bad then please look at me once. I am worse than you.

WhatsApp attitude status

  • You can’t judge me through my age because for me age is just a number.
  • I am the only guy who defeats me.
  • No one can explain me.

whatsapp message

  • If you are searching for your biggest competitor then check your mirror once.
  • You keep rubber but I don’t because I don’t make mistakes.

status for whatsapp

  • If you think I am zero then think once more time because without zero you are only a single digit.
  • I am just like salt. My presence makes things perfect and my absence feels some void.

attitude status

  • If you think what is impossible then I’ll say searching your biggest competitor than you.
  • For you, success is earning money but for me it is peace.
  • If you say that there are 10 fingers on your hands then I’ll say NO. Because there are 8 fingers and 2 thumbs on your hands.

whatsapp status

  • For you, failure means fail but for me, failure means need improvement.

Best WhatsApp Good Morning Status And Messages

  • With the first ray of sunlight, I just want to say Good Morning.
  • The flower is yellow and the milk is white, start your day with a smile. Good morning.

whatsapp good morning status

  • Two and two make four, accept my good morning rose.
  • You are the only person who makes your day – good morning.

good morning status for whatsapp

  • Keep the key of your smile in your pocket and start your day. Good morning.

At The Bottom

This is all in the best WhatsApp status for friends. Share your feelings with unique and special messages. For more interesting topics, follow my blog.

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