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Best Genealogy Programs | Top Family Tree Maker 2023

best genealogy programs
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Best Genealogy Programs

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. If you are fond of learning new things then this is best place for you. Here we come with an interesting topic best genealogy programs. If you want to know or interested to know more about your family or ancestors then today I’ll tell you some best genealogy programs that helps you to find more about your ancestors.

If you are looking for a best genealogy software then this post is best for you. This best Genealogy software will help you a lot.  So let’s start today topic best genealogy programs in 2022.

What Is Genealogy Program?

Genealogy program is a powerful tool that help you to know more about your family and also help in ton preserve your family memories.

Why You Need Genealogy Programs?

As we know time never wait for anyone. It is continuously runs and as humans we live many happy moments with our family. Apart from this we also know that time never comes back. So it is very important that we preserve our current moments that we spend with our family or friends. Because with that memories we can live those moments. I hope you understand very well why you need a genealogy software.

List of Best genealogy software 2023

You will get a lot of genealogy programs in the market. But if you are confused that which software is best for you then this post helps you to understand this. Here we will tell you some best genealogy programs or software so that you can choose any software for yourself.

Family Historian 7

It is one of the famous name in genealogy world due to its good reasons. A lot of family tree maker software can show same-sex marriages but family historian can do this. A part from this, it has flawless GEDCOM accuracy, easy interface to navigate, and excellent support network.

But if you are a Mac user then this is not a good choice for you. Although these are not such a big issues but if you are from those who see this as an issue then you can go for the other family tree maker software. You can purchase it from amazon.

Ancestry: Best Genealogy Program

When you are talking about and ancestry name is not coming it is impossible. Ancestry is one of the most popular genealogy programs that is used by a lot of people.

Ancestry has one of the biggest genealogical data records in its database. It is very simple to use and apart from this, you will get hints and tips for your ancestors research.

You can also use ancestry free trial. Yes it offers you 14-days free trial so that people can understand how ancestry work?  With ancestry you can easily build your family tree with easy steps.

In ancestry, you will get three types of ancestry subscriptions that you can choose according to you. The best thing about ancestry subscription or membership is you can cancel ancestry subscription anytime and get back your money.

The ancestry trees look are simple. In my option it is one of the best genealogy programs for you.

Legacy Family Tree: Best Family Tree Software

Legacy family tree is one of the best genealogy software that has perfect  GEDCOM accuracy and fact checking hints. It is also easy to use and excellent scrapbooking tools. Although it is very good family tree software but in this genealogy software you will not get undo or redo tool. Apart from this, for some people it looks some ancient style.

But all of these it has excellent data management and research tools. If we talk about its price is then the price of legacy family tree is low that make it a perfect family tree maker.

Family Tree Maker: Best Genealogy Programs For Mac, Windows, And For Professionals

Family tree maker is knowns as the best family tree maker for beginners. It is so popular genealogy software for its release date. Family tree maker has well design, easy navigation and an undo option. It is one of the best genealogy programs but little bit expensive.

If we talk about its popular versions then company released many family tree maker versions in which family tree maker 2017 and family tree maker 2019 are the latest versions.

In family tree maker 2017 you will miss some features like historical weather and next of kin details which is now you will get in family tree maker 2019. You can use FTM 2019 on multiple computers. Currently company release FTM 2019 free updated version which is FTM 2019 24.1 update. This update is free for all FTM 2019 users. You can easily get this update for your family tree maker.


It is a free family tree maker but has limited functionality. MyHeritage comes with easy navigation tool, and with combines genealogy records. Apart from this you can easily imports GEDCOM file accurately with this.

With this you can easily start your ancestor research with some information. In My Heritage you can download your family tree in various format. It is also a best genealogy program.


It is a free genealogy program that you can use easily. FamilySearch is simple to use but you can work with non-traditional family lines with this. It is become one of the best genealogy programs but if you need a basic family tree.

You can freely sign up in FamilySearch. In family search, you can view your family tree in various form like landscape, portrait, by descendants and many more.


These are all one of the best genealogy programs and you can choose anyone of them for making your family tree. I hope you like this post. You can also use Kulvriksh Family Tree for making your family tree if you are Indian. Kulvarkish Family tree is one of the best genealogy programs.

Note: This post is only for information purpose only.


Question: What software do professional genealogists use?

Answer: RootsMagic 8, ancestry, and family tree maker are some best genealogy programs that professional genealogists use. These are simple to use and powerful tool for making a family tree.

Question: What is the best genealogical program?

Answer: Some of the best genealogical programs are given below, please check them.
1.     MyHeritage (free)
2.     Wikitree (free)
3.     Gramps (free)
4.     Family tree maker 2019 (paid)
5.     RootsMagic 8 (paid)
6.     USGen (free)
7. FamilySearch (free)

Question: Is Family Tree Maker better than RootsMagic?

Answer: Both are good genealogy programs but family tree maker can only read data from the free website and RootsMagic can read and write also.

Question: Are genealogists in demand?

Answer: Yes, genealogists are in demand. So if you want to make your carrier in genealogist then this is a good opportunities to you.

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