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Searching a dog for your home as pet and confused which dog breed is best for you? Don’t worry, in this post, I’ll tell you the best dog breeds for family. Choosing a dog breed for first time dog owner is a big problem because all dogs are not same.

Some dog breeds are so dangerous and some are friendly that’s why before choosing a dog for your home first you have to check some basic things about the dog breeds.

Here in this post, I’ll tell you the best dog breeds for family. Dogs, a loyal and cute animal that almost everyone loves. A lot of people having dog at home as a pet. During corona, the number of dogs as a pet increase rapidly.

Apart from this with a dog you don’t feel loneliness. They help you in some works if you trained for that. Here we give a list of best dog breeds for you. If you searching the best dog breeds for me then your search ends here.

Best Dog Breeds For Family Guards, And Style

Choose the best dog for your family. This post is beneficial to you if you are the first-time owner. So read the full article.

Labrador Retriever

labrador retrieverIf you are searching for a dog and you are a first time owner then Labrador Retriever is one of the best choice. Labrador retriever is one of the top most dog breeds for first time owner. They are live with any kind of family.

If you are first time owner then you can easily keep this breed. They are social and play with children. You can easily trained them for some work. This is suitable dog breed for you. If we talk about the price then you have to pay 8000 to 10000 rupees for a male puppy and 5000 to 8000 rupees for female.

During purchasing a Labrador puppy please check that the puppy are active. Apart from this, notice some points that assure you the puppy breed is genuine. There are some points by checking them you can check that the breed is genuine or not because there are so many fake breeders who sells mixed breed puppy for earning money.

Points To Check During Purchasing Puppy

  • Head: Check the head size. Labrador has broad head.
  • Ears: They have long ears.
  • Tail: Short and board.
  • Paw: Broad paw.
  • Jaw: Heavy.

Golden Labrador Retriever

golden retriever- best dog breeds forGolden Labrador retriever is another species of Labrador breed. They also like Labrador retriever but expensive. This breed has long court. They need more attention than Labrador retriever. The checking process of original breed is same as Labrador retriever. They are jolly behavior and easily trained.


beagle - best dog breeds for familyIf you are searching a small dog breed then beagle dog breed is the best for you. Beegle breed is a social dog breed and it is very jolly with the family members. They like playing and you can easily keep this as a pet at your home. The price of this breed is almost 15000 to 2000 thousand rupees.

It needs attention, they need always one family person with them. You can easily train them.

How To Check Original Beagle Breed

Please check some points when you purchase a beegal for your home.

  • Long ears.
  • Tails with white ended spot

These two points you can check before purchasing a beegal dog. The white spot om the tail is helpful to identify the location of your dog when they are playing in the field.


pugPug, it is also a very popular dog breed. They are small in size and cute also. This breed is famous after the Vodafone advertisement. May be you have seen the advertisement. You can see a smile on their face. Some people know this dog as a Vodafone dog.

Indian Pariah Dog

Indian pariah dogThis dog breed is local in India. If you can’t afford a dog maintenance then this dog breed is one of the best breed for you. This dog need less attention. Apart from this, this dog breed is very loyal and live in any type of atmosphere. You can easily keep this as first owner pet. You can easily get this breed from anywhere for free of cost.

Indian Spits

Indian Spits - best dog breeds for familyThis dog breed is also a famous dog breed which you can see almost everywhere. This dog breed is famous from the movie “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”. Indian spits breed is a medium size dog breed. They love to play with family members. Indian Spits are looking so cute. They bark a lot when someone unknown person enter in your home.

Saint Bernard

Saint bernardIf you are looking for a dog like teddy bear then Saint Bernard is best for you. This dog breed is a large size of dog. But before purchasing this dog breed please know that this dog breed need a large place for living and for exercise. If they don’t exercise then they become lazy.

Apart from this, they need proper grooming. you can’t take this breed at hot weather. The sign of identify original breed is heavy face and heavy paw.


dalmationDalmatian dog breed is a large size dog breed. This breed have blog spot on its white body. This dog is also known as the best dog breed for family or for guard. You can also use this breed as a guard dog breed.

German Shepherd

german sheperdGerman shepherd dog breed is a large dog breed. This dog breed was origin for hunting and guarding. Many people used this dog breed as a guard breed. This dog needs proper training. Without training this dog breed is become dangerous but if you do it proper training then this dog breed is one of the most favorite dog breeds for your family.

Himalayan Dog

himalyan dogThis dog breed is found on the hill of Himalayas. People also called them “Bhotia Kutta” in local language. Normally this dog breed is used as a guard dog but you can keep this dog breed as family dog. But it need proper training and you need to socialized this with other dogs and people.

Otherwise, it is very harmful to other dog breeds. This is a large dog breed and need a cold weather. It has long hair or fur on their body which helps to keep them warm. This breed needs big place for leave.


I hope you like this post and it is helpful to you in choosing the best dog breeds for you. If you Want to need any more information then you can contact us anytime. You can also comment us which dog breed you like and which breed do you have.

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