Top 6 AI Tools That Makes Your Content Writing Easy In 2023

Best AI Tools For Content Writing
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Best AI Tools For Content Writing

Hello readers, are you also wanting to start your blog but feeling confused about how to begin writing? Content writing is a very difficult and challenging task, but thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI), that make content writing so easy. In this post, I’ll tell you 6 best AI tools for content writing. By using these AI tools you can easy write an article and start your blogging journey.

Nowadays, there are many AI tools available that can generate high-quality content within minutes with just a single click.

If you also want to know about these AI tools then read this post. In this post, I will introduce you to some of the most highly recommended AI tools for content writing that make your writing process so easy. So, without wasting any time let get started the topic.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 And 4

One of the most popular and widely used AI tools for content writing is Chat GPT 3 and GPT 4. GPT extends for “Generative Pretrained Transformer”. ChatGPT 3 is free to use but GPT 4 is paid.

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In this paid version you will get all the features for content writing. Most of the people uses ChatGPT 3 for content writing. GPT 4 is the latest version.

How To Use ChatGPT For Content Writing?

Content writing with ChatGPT is very easy task. It is so easy that you can write the whole content within a few minutes. Your content is ready with a single click. You need to put your keyword only.

Here, I give simple steps to write a content using AI.

  1. First of all, open chat GPT in our browser like Google Chrome.
  2. Then put your keyword or write a prompt for your content and hit the enter button.
  3. The rest work is done by ChatGPT. If you are not satisfied with the content then you can again write a content.
  4. Copy all the content in the notepad or MSWord file.
  5. Make some changes in the content and your content is ready.

Note: Remember one thing don’t forget to check the content using AI detection or plagiarism. For AI checking, you can use zero.gpt. it show you how your content resemble like your content is AI written or human written.

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For checking plagiarism, you can use Small SEO Tools or duplicate checker. Once your content clears these steps then paste it on your site.

Gravity Write: Best AI Tools For Content Writing

The second best AI tools for content writing is Gravity Write. Gravity Write is free to use. It is one of my favorite AI tool for content writing. With this tool you can easily write a SEO optimize content with in a single click.

To use this amazing AI tool, you just need to sign up. You can use your google account to sign up.

The best thing about gravity writing tool is you can modify your old content that present in your site easily. For this, you just need to paste your post URL and click on write content. This feature is available on the homepage of the site.

How To Use Gravity Writing AI Tool?

Please follow the given steps to use Gravity Writing.

  1. First of all, open this on your browser. You can use anyone of the browser like Chrome or Mozila.
  2. Write you keyword and then insert a meta description of your content.
  3. After insert these two things, just click on the create topic.
  4. As you click on the create content, the rest work is done by the amazing AI tool.
  5. Copy all the content and paste it in the MS Word or notepad.
  6. Mold the article and then check the plagiarism before upload the content in the site.
  7. If your plagiarism shows 0 percent then submit it to the website.

This is how you can easily write a SEO optimize content. If you want to know about more AI tools then continue reading the article.

Claudi AI: Best AI Tools For Content Writing

This is another best AI tools for content writing. Claudi is just like the ChatGPT but it is little bit different from ChatGPT. It is fast then ChatGPT and give more accurate answer.

How To Use Claudi AI For Content Writing?

Here I describe some simple steps by following them you can easily get a content for your site. Please have a look.

  1. As other AI tools or sites, in claudi ai tool first you need to create an account.
  2. For signing up your account in claudi, first you need to set your location as USA or UK.
  3. You need to do this only one time for creating your account. Once you create the account the you can easily use this without any issue.
  4. Write your keyword and meta description and click on write or create content button. And the rest work is done by this amazing tool.
  5. Copy your content and paste it on MS word or notepad.
  6. Make small changes in the text and then check the plagiarism of your content.
  7. After checking the plagiarism, your content is ready to upload to your site or blog.

Jarvis AI

Another AI tool that has been gaining a lot of attention in the content writing realm is Jarvis AI. Jarvis AI is an advanced AI copywriting assistant created by

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This tool is work on GPT-3 method. But it has some additional features and functionalities that make it famous.

With Jarvis AI tool even you can write an introduction of your blog or site. Its simple language allow user to understand the topic clearly.

Article Forge

If you are looking for an AI tool that specializes in generating unique articles  then article forge is only for you.

This tool utilizes advanced algorithms to crawl the internet and gather the best information for you.  You can also use this amazing tool for rewrite the existing article in a new way.

It can generate the entire articles with coherent and well-structured paragraphs.


ContentBot introduced by MarketMuse that focuses on optimizing content for SEO and improving its overall quality. This tool use a powerful algorithm that analyzes your content and provides suggestions on how it can be enhanced to rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs).

With ContentBot, you can easily identify content gaps, improve readability, incorporate relevant keywords, and enhance the overall structure and coherence of your writing.

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By utilizing this AI tool, your content meets the requirements of search engine algorithms.


Now we are living in the initial stage of AI (Artificial intelligence). You can see AI in every field. So, this is all in this post now you know very well what are the best AI tools for content writing.

You can choose anyone of them and start your blog and with this start earning also. So, what are you looking for go and start your content writing now.

Content writing is one of the major growing fields in which you can easily start earning. By doing content writing many people are earning also from their home. Now it’s your time go and start earning. For more such article please follow my blog “AK Blog 360”.

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