5 Top Most Benefits of Long Tail Keywords [2023]

benefits of long tail keywords
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Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Suppose you have a new website that you want to rank quickly. But you don’t know how to rank your site on Google search engine. But I know how to do this with simple step. Hello there, this is Akhlesh Chandra Thaledi, the owner of this akblog360.com/. I have 3+years of experience of SEO. In this post, I’ll tell you the benefits of long tail keywords.

As we know that a keyword plays a very important role in digital marketing. Your article will rank or not it also depends on your keyword selection. It means you should know how to do keyword research for your site.

If we talk about the keyword types then there are two types of keywords; short tail keyword and long tail keyword. Both have their own benefits and losses. If you don’t know what is the difference between short tail keyword and long tail keyword then you must read the blog post short tail keyword vs long tail keyword.

It is right that long tail keywords are beneficial to our website. In further article, I will tell you how it is beneficial to our article. Here I give some top benefits of long tail keywords please check them.

Lower Competition: Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords have low competition which helps in ranking easily. That’s why most of the blogger (fresher and experienced) uses long tail keywords in their articles. According to a survey more than 70% of searches comes from the long tail keywords which drives a lot of traffic to a website.

Better Conversion Rate

The second benefits of Long tail keywords is a better conversion rate. Long tail keyword provides more details about the search queries. So when people search anything then there are more possibility that the conversion rate will be increased. You can also that such types of keywords provides more details about visitors needs.

Target Single Page For More Than One Keywords

One of the best benefits of long tail keywords is you can easily use more than one keywords for single page. Because long tail keywords contain more words in it. Let understand this with an example; suppose you want to write on digital marketing then as a long tail keyword you should choose best digital marketing course in Dehradun.

So by choosing this long tail keyword actually I use some more keywords for a single page which are; best digital marketing course, digital marketing course, and digital marketing course in Dehradun. Because I don’t know which query user searches on the Google. I hope now you understand what I mean to say.

Rank Short Tail Keyword Also

One more benefits of long tail keywords is it also rank your short tail keywords. So if your site is ranking for long tail keywords then you will see that your site also ranked for short tail keywords who’s difficulty is so high.

Work Better For Voice Searches

As we know that today many people use voice for searches their queries on Google. You can search anything at your single voice command. It also give you additional benefits of long tails keywords because in voice searches there are almost long tail keywords are using by users.

How Can You Search Long Tail Keywords?

These all are the benefits of long tail keywords and now the question comes in the mind is from where you can get long tail keywords.

Here I will get some best tools or websites from where you can easily get long tail keywords.

Free Tools For Searching Longtail Keywords

Here we get some free tools for searching best keyword research tools, please check them.

Keyword Everywhere

You can use keyword everywhere for getting best long tail keywords for your site. Apart from this, you can also set keyword difficulty for searching the keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the best free keyword research tools that you can use for searching long tail keywords. This is powered by Google and also use for Google ads keywords.

Keyword Intent

One of the best free keyword research tools with amazing features. You can also use its Chrome extension for free.


Ubersuggest is one of best tool that beginners used mostly for searching keywords. You can also use its chrome extension.

Paid tool for searching longtail keywords


One of the best and most favourite keyword research tool that is used by the both beginners and the experts. You can also use its free trial version but with limited features. For full features you need to purchase it.

With ahrefs, you can also search your site traffic, your keywords ranking and much more thing about your site.


It is another famous paid tool for searching longtail keywords. You can also use its free trial version for one project but limited features. With SEMRUSH you can also audit your website and know more Important facts about your site. For using full features of SEMRUSH you need to purchase it.

So these are some free and paid long tail keyword research tools that you can use.


This is all about the benefits of longtail keywords. In this article, you also know how to get longtail keywords for free and paid. I hope you like this post. Please share, comment, and subscribe to my blog for getting notification for new posts.

For any query regarding digital marketing or SEO feel free to message me. You can also comment and ask your question.

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