Amazing Facts That You Don’t Know About ATM

amazing facts about atm
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Amazing Facts About ATM

Today’s era is an era that is full of technology. You can see the latest technology everywhere around you. ATM is such a technology that nowadays almost everyone uses many times. You also use your ATM for withdraw the money. How would it be if I say that there are several amazing facts about ATM that you don’t know?

What Is ATM?

ATM stands for automated teller machine. It is very popular nowadays. Whenever you want money, you took your ATM and go to the ATM machine and withdraw the money according to your need.  You also searching for ATM near me.

Who Invented The ATM?

Automated teller machine (ATM) was invented by John Shepherd Barron in 1967. Now you knew what ATM is and who was invented this. It’s time to know more about ATM.

Interesting Facts About ATM

Hello there, welcome to my blog akblog360. First reading this post if you did not subscribe my blog then first subscribe to my blog for getting new post notification. In this post we bring some interesting topic that you would like. After reading this post you must say OMG. So if you are fond of knowing interesting things then read the full post. So let starts today topic amazing facts about ATM that you should know about ATM.


Do you know when the first ATM was installed it has six pin password rather than four digit password. It is all done due to a woman. Yes, first ATM has six number passwords but when the founder of ATM consulted his wife then she suggests to keep four number pin password. According to her it is easy to remember.

ATM Is Not Just For Money

If you think that ATM is only use for cash then you are wrong. Now ATM is also use for gold. Yes, the first gold plated machine was placed in Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. It dispensed 320 items which is made of gold. Currently there are 20 gold vending machine installed in three continents.

Floating ATM

What floating ATM??? Yes, there is also a floating ATM and it is in India. In Kerala, State Bank of India installed a floating ATM.

Highest Cash Withdrawals

As we know that ATM is used for cash withdrawals but do you know which day people withdrawals more cash than other days. Don’t know, not to worry. I tell you it is Friday. Now you understand why people withdrawals their cash on Friday.

Biometric Pin

Nowadays security is the main issue. Keeping this in mind Brazil include biometric feature in  ATM for more security.

ATM At Highest Peak

Do you know which ATM is at highest peak? The height of this ATM is 16,007 feet above from the sea level. It is at the Pak-China border and it is the national bank of Pakistan.

Loneliest ATM

Do you know there are only two ATMs at Antarctica these ATMs known as the loneliest ATM. And the amazing fact about these ATM is only one ATM is working at one time. The second is reserved as a backup. Tell me in the comment section do you want to go there to withdraw your cash?

World’s Second ATM

Everyone almost remember the first isn’t it? It is. But do you know where was the second ATM was installed? The second ATM was installed in Sweden in the year 1967.


So these are some amazing facts about ATM. I hope you like this post. Please comment and tell me how many facts you know already. I get motivation to write more from your comment. Tell me in the comment section how would you like this post. If you want more knowledge then follow my blog right now and get interesting knowledge. You can also give us your suggestion regarding my blog. In my blog you will get a lot of topic on different category.

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