What Is Acidity – Causes And Symptoms [2022]

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Acidity is a common health issue that you can find a lot of people easily. There are so many reasons behind this. In this post, I’ll tell you the symptoms, causes, and how to reduce acidity. If you or your known person have this health issue then send this article to them.

What Is Acidity?

Sometimes we feel a burning in our chest and then we say that we are facing an acidity problem. When our gastric glands produce acid in a large amount more than the digestion process needs acidity occurs.


The symptoms of this problem are given below. Please check them so that you know that you are facing this problem.

  • Feeling burning in the stomach or in the throat and heart.
  • Continuous hiccups.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • Feeling sour taste in the mouth which goes back to the throat and mouth.

Cause Behind This

We all know that when we eat food it goes to our stomach. In the stomach, our gastric glands release an acid which is HCL (Hydrochloric acid). The pH value of this acid is less than 4. So it does harm our internal organs.

But when our gastric glands produce this HCL acid in large amounts more than necessary. Then the patient feels this problem which is known as an acidity problem. There is a valve between our food pipe and stomach but in some cases, the one side of the pipe has not closed the result is stomach acid bouncing up again and again.

The Best Ways To Reduce Acidity

Here we tell you some best ways to reduce acidity. Please check them.

  • Don’t lie down just after a meal
  • Take proper sleep
  • Have cold milk
  • Lay on the left-hand side after having your meal
  • Sit straight after having food
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Eat a ripe banana


These are some tips on how to reduce the acidity problem and be fit in life. For such important article please follow my blog akblog360.

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